Golf Equipment – Learn About 4 Swing Aids To Improve Your Game

The perfect golf swing involves a series of complex movements that requires proper timing. I struggled for years trying to produce a consistent and dependable swing. It wasn’t until when I started using golf swing aids before I saw improvement. I realized not choosing the right tools hindered me from achieving my full potential as a golfer.

Medicus Dual Hinge Driver

The Medicus dual hinge driver is one of several swing aids used by professional golfers. It uses a dual hinge technology that helps you to achieve a consistent swing. These types of swing aids comes with a hinge that opens up when your swing is off or when you are about to make a slice. If you want to achieve a more ideal swing and prevent from making slices, then you should add the Medicus dual hinge driver to your golf equipment.

Kallassy’s Swing Magic Driver

The Kallassy’s Swing Magic Driver teaches you the proper grip and helps you to produce a swing that puts your hand in the correct position when swinging the club. These types of swing aids come with a split grip that teaches you where the hands should be before starting your swing. This trainer is the size of normal clubs, but should be used for creating a straighter shot. It is one of several tools that help you to find the correct position when swinging and can eliminate slice problems.

Pelz Golf Putting Track

The Pelz Golf Putting Track is one of several golf tools designed by short-game guru Dave Pelz. It helps golfers to produce optimum putting results. The swing aid also helps you to groove a solid pendulum stroke. It works by letting you know when the putter has moved out of the pendulum after placing the putter head between the aluminum rails. Putting is very important in the game because most strokes allowed in a par score comes from putts. This technique may seem easy, but takes effort, the right aids and time to master.

Golf Sleeve Tools

A sleeve is one of the more inexpensive golf tools. I had a problem with my arm collapsing when doing a forward swing or backswing. When the lead arm bends before impact, the arm is not rotating early enough to square off the clubhead, which results in a slice. The sleeve releases an audible click to alert you when bending your arm in the wrong direction. The main purpose of a sleeve is to keep your lead arm from bending when swinging.

It is always important to keep your body’s alignment in mind when playing golf. You are going to have problems playing like a professional without the proper grip and body posture. I also realized the importance of learning the overall game of golf and the use of the right training aids for learning top level mechanics. If you want to be successful, then you should use a mixture of golf equipment, tools and top level mechanics and techniques to improve your game.